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The test is used to obtain visual qualitative result and is intended for professional use.  It is not intended for over the counter sale to non-professionals.  This assay provided only a preliminary analytical test result.


Clinical consideration and professional judgement should be applied to any test result, particularly when preliminary positive result are used.

​​Our rapid test are CE marked for sale in Europe and being manufactured with outstanding quality control ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 - you can expect the best.

rapid immuno assay reader NS5001

NS5001 Rapid Immuno Assay Reader is intended for the objective interpretation of immune chromatography test resuts which are used for immune chromatography determination by medical treatment, epidemic prevention and scientific researcch institutions.

​NS5001 are CE marked for sale in Europe, and get SFDA certificate and many patent

Our rapid test Products offer drugs of abuse screening that is rapid and reliable.
Provides on-site screening for drugs of abuse, urine specimen validity,saliva, and alcohol .


Biocare Sejahtera provide a comprehensive range of rapid tests for infectious disease testing that provide fast and accurate results. for a lot variety of infectious disease

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